Skills for Work Participants Testimonial

Maurice WWETB

Maurice, a Skills for Work participants speaking at a recent promotional event.

“The Skills for Work Course gave me the confidence to go for the job!”

I left school at 13 without the ability to read or write and spent the next 40 years hiding the fact. After a life changing experience, I decided I wanted to learn to read and write and get back a basic knowledge of computers. The first steps for me and for most people is the hardest, was walking into the Adult Education Centre in Tramore Business Park. Once you build up courage to do that, the rest is easy.

I met Emma, who in a relaxing calming way, asked me what I wanted to learn, which in my case was reading, writing and basic computers.

I work as a labourer to a Fire Place Installer. I started a Skills for Work course learning how to use computers. I know nothing about computers but after that course I had an email address. I found the computer a useful learning tool for me.

After a year on this course an opportunity came up to go for a job as a qualified Fire Place Fitter. Before going back to education I would not have had the confidence to put myself forward for this position because it required that I complete a 3 day HETAS training course with a full exam. The [Skills for Work] course gave me the confidence to go for the job. I used my laptop to write up notes and research regulator pipe sizes. The laptop helped me to study for the exam. The exam required a 100% pass rate. Once I passed the HETAS course exam, I sent my CV and was offer the job.

I am well settled into my job now. We use computers to draw out designs, make quotations, research new material and design advertisements,

Thank you for the opportunity

Maurice (WWETB)

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